Monday, 25 October 2010

1940s fashion

Of course for many people military fashion is synonymous with the 1940s, so I thought it appropriate to add a few pointers on make up and hair styles of the period. This photo of my Mum shows a typical hairstyle of the 1940s. It was essential that women's hair had to be neat not just for the sake of appearance in the services but also for safety reasons when undertaking essential work in factories, farms and so forth.

For better ideas of hair and make up search Google images for 1940s hairstyles. Be wary of copying the images of film stars like Veronica Lake or Rita Hayworth as these glamorous stars weren't working in factories or the military!

My late Mum (who, at 16, was helping extinguish incendiary bombs during air raids) only used lipstick and face powder, which I believe was common for the time. She also said that the heavily starched (detachable) collars of their uniform blouses used to chafe very badly, particularly when they began to fray a little.

So, a great retro look, but maybe I'm glad not to have to live through air raids and all the other trials of the time.

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